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Drupalistas met in Rome on the 25th and 26th of February 2012 and discussed Drupal Products - this is an summary of what I got from the meeting.

Next week Drupal people will converge on Rome to discuss Drupal Products. Given that we are developing a product for the travel industry called Drupal Rooms I signed up and I am looking forward to meeting with others and sharing experiences and ideas. In this post we describe our approach to building a Drupal Product.

The appeal of building generic, framework solutions is undeniable - but at some point it has to stop. The specific use case needs to be solved. Realizing when to stop is tricky and crossing the line is tempting.

Don't get me wrong - there is still tons to do. But we are quickly getting there and the fuzzy picture is gaining definition we prepared a screencast to quickly get you up to speed.

We have been busy working away on Rooms and with code release scheduled for next week we thought this would be a good moment to share some screenshots and some information about the thinking behind the module.

The long search for hotel bookings with Drupal may be coming to an end. With Bluespark Labs commissioning development we are hard at work to make Drupal Rooms a reality.

Mapping on Drupal 7 is still in flux but a lot can be achieved already. I really like Openlayers so I wanted to find a solution that revolved around that. It took a bit of fiddling around but in the end I have a working recipe, which I thought I'd share to help others looking for something similar. The specific problem I needed to solve is how to allow users to enter their address information, geocode and place that on a map using Openlayers.

Introducing a project to help kickstart Entity development by providing a fully functional but generic example and associated documentation.

I followed the whole Drupal App store discussion with a lot of interest and just wanted to recount a relevant episode that raises a couple of issues from a perspective that may not have been considered so far: How the lack of professionally marketed Drupal Apps can negatively hurt the uptake of Drupal.

What happens when your friendly Drupal enthusiast/family member is not around? How to ensure people don't get a crush on Wordpress and only regret it when it is too late and too costly to switch? How to fall in love with Drupal at first sight and have a long and lasting relationship?