de-centralised networks

The first meeting in a Drupal-specific context regarding the Federated Social Web took place at the Copenhagen Drupalcon. It was very interesting both because of the range of people interested and because we got a first-hand account of developments from James Walker who is a key part of the Ostatus effort. This blog post is a brief write-up of what was discussed and links to further information.

Supporting Activity Streams in Drupal is an interesting problem. On the one hand you have the endless possible actions afforded by Drupal and on the other hand you have the necessarily restrictive standard on which to map those actions. Add to that the need to make this as transparent to the user as possible and it becomes a really fun little exercise. In this post we take a brief look at Activity Streams and what some of implications of supporting them in Drupal are.

While centralised (or at least single-point of control) social networks are dominant right now, social networking is really something bigger that what any one company should handle. Work is underway to provide the necessary technology stack to achieve that and we would love to see Drupal lead the way the same way it has done with Semantic Web technologies. This is hopefully just our one of many contributions in that direction. We set the scene and figure out what would be a good, practical first goal.