Drupal Planet

Back home after my first Drupal conference and it was a great experience. I was obviously excited about Drupal's prospects before going, but the conference has renewed my confidence in the future of Drupal that is looking brighter than ever.

As a means to crystalize my thoughts I will try to sum up my experience of the conference and provide my own input on how I see (would like to see) the future of Drupal shaping up. The whole things is quite long so I broke it down to three parts - the community, the designers vs developers challenges and the small core movement.

We take a brief look at the Pinax system and compare it on a feature-by-feature basis with Drupal - as ever such comparisons are tricky things to do and we make no claims about the merits of underlying technologies. We just look briefly at what is written on the box of Pinax and how that compares with what we know of Drupal.

Too often people pit Wordpress against Drupal - but it is not a question of one or the other. Rather it is about which one to choose given the task at hand.