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Excellent post as always Ronald. I believe the power of Drupal is the openness, width and breadth of the community enabling parallel development on a massive scale, from designer through developers, governments, geniuses, porn-pushers, money-men, and kids of an age computers weren't even around when I was that young!

It adapts to the current environment based on the needs of people like you and I whom use it on a daily basis. I think small distributions of Drupal with modules like yours are the next phase of growth. We have many 'generic' needs but on many levels, there is not just one 'generic' way.

For example we have hypnotists and photographers, hairdressers and corner shops, etc. and there is no reason why we can't build minidistros for these cases, it's just sense. It's more sense to tie it to the generic Drupal framework as that means we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel on the highly technical side whilst focusing on working with local entrepreneurs and businesses to help them when Wordpress just isn't enough.

I tweeted it earlier - I believe we live in a world built on competition and greed, luckily however I work in a world of co-operation and tolerance.

Anyway, my idea for the way forward is, another idea I need to take an hour or two out and set up, going to put a few archetypes up like I mentioned above and let people vote on what they want built. May even be a route to funding it. I see Chile's looking for ideas and offering $40k a pop for them with the startup chile thing, perhaps get a few Drupal lovers on that.

My 5p...

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