Drupal Rooms - or why your next agriturismo vacation will be booked on a Drupal site.

The long search for hotel bookings with Drupal may be coming to an end. With Bluespark Labs commissioning development we are hard at work to make Drupal Rooms a reality.

Drupal Rooms is a room management and booking solution for Drupal 7 currently under active development and soon to be released. Istos is working on the project on commission from Bluespark Labs. When we ended up discussing room bookings with Bluespark Labs and they indicated their interest in developing such as solution we jumped at the opportunity. We long believed room booking to be a key functionality for accommodation-related websites that was missing in the Drupal world.

I’ve personally always found hotel websites fascinating for all the wrong reasons. They seem to singularly miss the opportunity to make it easy for me to interact with the hotel. Instead it is far easier to just “get the booking done” using a big aggregation type website like because those sites offer a clean, straightforward booking experience.

When I first discovered Drupal almost three years ago I was sure a solution would already exist. We are the “there’s a module for that crowd” no? Well while some solutions do exist nothing has managed to galvanize support behind it and go through the continuous improvement process that open source communities do so well.

Therefore, with the arrogance that is only befitting of a startup project our hope is to change that - and make Drupal a household name for hotel website solutions.

Obviously it is not just about the room management and booking aspect. There is a lot more to it. But if we get the booking aspect right there are plenty of modules for everything else!

You can follow progress on the dedicated Drupal Rooms site or via drupalrooms on twitter. Bluespark Labs and us will all be at DrupalCon London and will be thrilled to talk bookings with anyone interested. The code will soon be on


UC Hotel has some great features but there were key factors that led us to an alternative choice (i.e. built it ourselves!). DrupalRooms is being built from the ground up as a Drupal 7 solution which means it carries less baggage.
The commerce site hooks into Drupal Commerce which offers a more flexible framework to handle the peculiarities of hotel bookings.
We are trying to reuse as much as possible Drupal7'isms to make it easy to take advantage of the entire Drupal ecosystem and built DrupalRooms from a module into a distribution.
We also have a different take on date search for hotels as well although that was not a major driving force.

Great stuff guys!
I hope the core systems will also be applicable on car rental services or other booking/rental services.

Submitted by salvis (not verified) on

Obviously, your focus is on daily bookings. I've been looking for a solution to book (one or more) rooms only for a portion of a day (15min intervals should be ideal) at a school, lab, or church, for example.

Depending on how you design your module, you may be able to accommodate this use case as well.

How does this compare to the module availability calendars (ac)? Obviously, the booking process integration is nor part of ac. As the current maintainer of ac, I'm very interested in your module and am even willing to integrate/upgrade/move to your module to get the booking process integration.

Note that recently, I have done quite some development regarding easy styling, easy availability updating and a javascript API to interact with the calendar (reacting to clicks, setting days to booked/option/free).

Please drop me a mail if you're interested as well.

Submitted by larowlan (not verified) on

I'm the module maintainer of uc_hotel, I've been planning on moving it to use commerce in the D7 version and I've built editing features and views integration for the d6 version which I hope to release as an alpha next week.
I'm interested in collaboration on this, send me an email if that sounds good.

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