Drupal for Travel

istos is uniquely placed to develop travel-related sites and work with you as a partner.

  • For the past five years we have been managing (and stil are) one of the largest Italy-related travel sites Italy Magazine - This puts us in touch with hundreds of accommodation owners, tour operators and and other organisations dealing with travel. As they purchase advertising on Italy Magazine we are familiar with their needs and expectations with regards to their own sites and their online campaigns.
  • We are the developers and architecture brains behind Rooms - Rooms is a complete hotel booking solution for Drupal that we recently released -
  • We actually work for our own tour company! The loveSicily Cookery School - - is owned by the wife of Ronald (the lead developer here at Istos) and both Ronald and Angelo participate in the tours (not least for the wine tasting and luscious lunches!). This means that we are also familiar with the expectations of the actual clients and often discuss with them how and why they make choices on the web.

Get in touch now to discuss your travel-related project.