Drupal Entities

Introducing a project to help kickstart Entity development by providing a fully functional but generic example and associated documentation.

We had a look at the why, what, where and when of entities in a couple of past blogs. We now look at the how, by setting up the bare minimum to view and create entities and attach fields to them.

The second post in a series that explores Drupal entities. While in the first post we look at how we got to where we are in this post we try to give some more depth to the definition of what is an entity and discuss where and when they should be used.

One of the biggest changes at the architecture level of Drupal 7 is the introduction of entities as an abstraction for content. In these series of blog posts I take a look at how Entities came to be, what are they exactly and how they can be used in modules. This first post goes looks at how entities landed in Drupal 7.